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Thread Turning System

The Vardex Thread Turning tooling program offers a wide range of external and internal solutions:

  • Standard tools for medium and fine pitches
  • V6 style inserts with 6 cutting corners
  • F-Line inserts - Fixed clamping system suited for high loads
  • U-style inserts for threading large pitches
  • VG-Cut threading inserts for threading between shoulders
  • V-style inserts for extra-large pitches
  • Mega Line inserts for pitches up to 25mm or 1TPI
  • Multi+ inserts for mass production
  • Mini-V miniature vertical tools
  • Mini-3 turning tools for small bores
  • Micro single & double-ended tools for bores as small as 3.2mm


VRX Multipurpose Thread Turning Grade - NEW!

The new VRX grade from Vardex is a multipurpose premium grade suitable for machining steel, hardened steel up to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals at low and high cutting speeds.

The advanced technological processes involved in the creation of the VRX grade ensure stronger wear resistance, a longer tool life and better productivity.

In addition to the new VRX grade, the VARDEX Thread Turning program offers a wide range of grades for threading any type of material.

VARDEX's speciality grades include:

  • VRX - multipurpose premium grade suited to a wide range of materials and cutting conditions
  • VTX - an excellent choice for general purpose and steel
  • VTXP - a high performance polished grade for oil and gas applications
  • VKX - excellent in medium- and high-speed working environments
  • VBX - Carbide grade for high-volume steel production
  • VM7 - a unique performer when threading stainless steel
  • VK2 - uncoated grade for non-ferrous, cast iron and titanium-alloy materials
  • VK2P - highly polished for exceptional performance for high quality surface finish in aluminium.

Threading Standards

With 28 different standards, VARGUS offers the widest range of thread standards in the industry.

Custom Made Solutions

Whether you require a non-standard size, a complex shape or a special design, the Vargus Custom Made Solutions team has the experience and know-how for essentially any tooling solution.

Working closely with the customer, VARGUS engineers provide the best solution for your operation, as well as guide and advise in the implementation of the customized machining process.

The Custom Made Solutions team has all of the know-how to design the right cutting tool, using the latest techniques and top-of-the-line technology.

Contact your VARGUS Sales Representative for more details.

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