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Premium Kits contain the most popular tool sets and blades, which provide focused solutions for the most frequently used applications.

  • Each kit is designed for specific application types
  • Convenient packaging for storing tools


Deburring & Scrpaing - Standard Duty

Ordering Code: 154-00034
Kit Contains: Mango II handle, B & C holders, B10, B11, B20, B30, B60, B70, C40, C Key


Deburring & Scraping - Heavy Duty

Ordering Code: 154-00036
Kit Contains: Mango II handle, E & C holders, E110P, E111, E200, E300, E600, E700, C42, C Key


Deburring & Deflashing

Ordering Code: 154-00040
Kit Contains: Mango II handle, B & E holders, B10, B11, B25, E111, E250, E400, E707, Cera Burr Ceramic Tool


Deburring & Chamfering

Ordering Code: 154-00033
Kit Contains: Mango II handle, E & F holders, E111, E200, E300, E601, F20, F26X


Filing & Deburring

Ordering Code: 154-00030
Kit Contains: MB2020E handle, 5 different shape diamond coated files, E100S, E400


Deburring & Sheet Cleaning

Ordering Code: 154-00035
Kit Contains: Mango II handle, E & D holders, E100, E111, E200, E300, E700, D80C, D82C


TiN Coated - For Exotic Materials

Ordering Code: 154-00045
Kit Contains: Aluminum handle, B & E holders, B10P, B11P, B20P, B30P, E100P, E111P, E200P, E300P


TD Interchangeable Kit

Replaceable blades now available for Shaviv's professional line of miniature deburring and scraping tools for the dies and molds industry.

Ordering Code: 154-00046
Kit Contains: Aluminum handle, non-rotating U holder, BUS1- triangular scraper, BUS2- flat scraper, BUS3- round scraper, BUS4- hooked corner scraper, UF1 Mini File - diamond coated, Scrape-Burr 400 for extra fine finishing


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