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The GloBurrization offers light, yet sturdy tools suitable with all B and E Series blades respectively.

Designed for nearly any deburring job, great for on-the-go, and for multiple industries, Glo-Burrs feature:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-grip handle, made from specially engineered reinforced plastic
  • Designed for Deburring steel, aluminum, copper & plastic
  • Color coding for each tool and application
  • Replaceable blades
  • Convenient pocket clip


Glo-Burr Sets

B10 - E100 Glo-Burrs:

B10 (155-29152)E100 (155-29155)

Deburrs materials with spiral chips.

B20 - E200 Glo-Burrs:

B20 (155-00274)
E200 (155-00268)

Rotates clockwise & counterclockwise for materials with powdery chips.

B30 - E300 Glo-Burrs:

B30 (155-00275)E300 (155-00267)

Deburrs inside & outside of holes up to 0.16"/4.0mm (B30) or 0.24"/6.0mm (E300) thick.

B11 - E111 Glo-Burrs:

B11 (155-00273)
E111 (155-00270)

Extra thin. Deburrs holes with min. diameter of 0.08"/2.0mm (B11) or 0.06"/1.5mm (E111).

Glo-Burr Handy Kits

The essential deburring kit for any professional.

Glo-Burr Handy Kit 4B
Ordering Code: 154-90042
Set Includes: 4 Glo-Burr B handles, B10, B20, B30 & B11 blades

Glo-Burr Handy Kit 4E
Ordering Code: 154-29144
Set Includes: 4 Glo-Burr E handles, E100, E200, E300 & E111 blades

Assortment Kits

Counter display boxes with assortment of B or E Glo-Burrs respectively

154-00050: B10, B20, B30, B11 (12 pcs. each)
154-00049: E100, E200, E300, E111 (12 pcs. each)



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