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Multi-functional Tools for Various Applications and Materials.
The C Series scraper blades are triangular with three sharp deburring edges for extra-long life.



Mango II Set C

Features triangular blade with 3 cutting edges for high quality finishing & scraping. The telescopic blade holder lets you get to difficult-to-reach areas. Includes key for safely removing blades.

Ordering Code: 155-90062
Set Contains: Mango II Long-Reach handle, C holder, C42 blade.

Set is also available with Handles:

  • Classic Handle A - Shaviv Set C (155-29067)


Mango II Set U

Precision Scraper contains 3 mini-scraper blades Specially designed holder for extra precision work and linear movement. Ideal for die makers.

Ordering Code: 155-00221
Set Contains: Mang II Long-Reach handle, U holder, BUS1, BUS31 & BUS4 handles blades

Set is also available with Handles:

  • Classic Handle A - Shaviv Set U (155-29119)


Set HC

Delivers pin vise versatility for finishing & scraping applications. Also used for gripping miniature files, drills, reamers, taps, wires, countersinks and other small objects - 0.04”-0.32” (1-8 mm) in diameter. Handy for assembling electronic components and watch repair.

Ordering Code: 155-00163
Set Contains: HandyChuck Pin Vise handle, C50 blade

Ordering Code: 155-00164
Set Contains: HandyChuck Pin Vise, C60 blade


Rotary Scrapers

  • Triangular rotary scrapers specially designed for high precision and accurate work
  • Suitable for air tools with high RPM
  • Made from top quality HSS, strong yet flexible
  • Excellent for a variety of raw materials such as metals, ceramics, and plastics
  • Used in the aviation, electronics, jewelry, molding and other industries

Rotary Scrapers:

C81-3 - 151-00129, 3.0mm shank diameter, 5° tip angle
C82-3 - 151-00130, 3.0mm shank diameter, 10° tip angle



Scrape-Burr 42 - The Heavy-Duty Scraper

This durable and secure Scrape-Burr 42 set features a permanent heavy-duty triangular blade with 3 cutting edges for high quality finishing & scraping.

Ordering Code: 155-90079


Scrape-Burr 40 - The All-Purpose Scraper

This useful and convenient all-purpose standard scraper features a permanent all-around triangular blade.

Ordering Code: 155-90078


Scrape-Burr 400 - The Fine-Finish Scraper

This mini tool delivers a fine finish to precision work pieces. It features extra-thin, heavy-duty triangular blade with 3 cutting edge for high quality and accurate finishing.

Ordering Code: 155-90080


Scrape-Burr Kit 3+1
All 3 Scrape-Burrs in one Kit! Plus a FREE Glo-Burr handle with a standard, all-purpose B10 blade.

Ordering Code: 154-90081


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