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Groovical Applications

Groovical Applications include:

  • Square grooving & turning chip former
  • Square grooving
  • Round grooving
  • Parting Off


Groovical applications now offer close to shoulder machining. 







Groovical Inserts

Groovical inserts are featured in two distinct tooling systems designed for different widths and depths.


For groove widths from 0.5 to 2.5mm and groove depths up to 5.5mm



For groove widths from 2.0 to 6.35mm and groove depths up to 6.5mm

* GV29 inserts are available in non close to shoulder applications (Square & Round grooving).


Groovical Grades

VKX - General purpose grade, specially designed for steel and stainless steel, and recommended for rigid cutting conditions. TiN coated.

VTX - General purpose grade with tough submicron substrate. Provides good fracture toughness in non-rigid cutting conditions. Excellent for medium-to-high cutting speeds. TiAlN coated.


Groovical External Holders 

Groovical toolholders are available for close to shoulder applications (GVN26 & GVN29) and for non-close to shoulder applications (GV29)

External Toolholders


External Toolholders 90°


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